A new dimension

Here I am, starting my first blog. What does an everyday person like me have to offer anyone out there that could possibly hold anyone’s attention? Aside from the obvious fact of documenting my experiences and opinions, in the great search for more I am hoping that by putting pen to paper I can chanel my thoughts and provide clarity on what it is I am really after in life. Also for my family, those who are close and those that are far away. With three beautiful daughters who are now old enough to start asking questions about their relatives, I hope to leave a trail of information so they can find who they are and where they came from. For those far away, I offer this as a way to know me a little more despite the large distance between us. For others that may read this I can offer nothing more than a a glimpse into my life as a family man, a professional and an outdoor enthusiasts. Please if I do manage to hold your attention, your feedback is welcome.

So who am I? That very question is tricky for me as I feel that much like beauty, the answer lies in the eye of the beholder. My single greatest accomplishment in life to date are my children. Together with my partner in life Lori, we are fortunate to have three healthy, intelligent and beautiful daughters. Halleigh, Ainsley and Natalie are my true pride and joy. If I accomplish nothing else in life I hope that I can teach them how to be happy and successful in whatever it is they decide to do in life. In my work life, I currently hold a position as a health and safety manager for a successful family company who grew their roots in Alberta and are now branching out to other parts of Canada and the southern USA. I wont care to discuss much about my work life as I have always tried to keep this life separate from the other parts of my life. Work life and home life have their own challenges and stressors, mixing the two is a recipe for disaster in my opinion, so enough said for now. Fishing and particularly flyfishing has been a large part of my life for about the last 12 years. I have always maintained if it bites it fights but I have always treasured fishing for trout. Likely for the same reasons as scores of other fly fisherman, but for me their (sometimes) eagerness to take a fly and their fighting spirit after doing so are what keeps me chasing them. The beautiful silver and magenta hues of a rainbow, or the vermiculations and spotted skin of the bookies, bulls and lakers, are all worth taking note of after bringing a fine specimen to hand. Recently, and I think it is a logical shift from fishing and being in the outdoors I have started to devlelop my skill as a photographer. With the purchase of my first SLR camera, I find myself especially drawn to capturing images of landscapes and late night culture found in the heart of the city. This will be a major part of this blog going forward as it will be the element that brings my writting to life and lets you see the images that move and inspire me to be exactly who I am.


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One Response to A new dimension

  1. Carrie B says:

    Congratulations on your first blog. I look forward to seeing more, especially the photography and outdoor pursuits.


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